Celebrate the Goddess in You!

There is a goddess in every woman.
Mother, daughter, sister and friend.
Whatever age, race or religion ~ we are women first.
Since the beginning, women around the world
have been leaders, healers, nurturers & warriors!
Beautiful & powerful, honor who you are,
your special place in the world and
celebrate the incredible Goddess in you!
Fashion this season is really exciting! New trends are incredibly bold and wild. Lots of wonderful textures, prints and deep jewel tones. Our "Bohemian" line fits right in and our new leather jewelry is the perfect choice for making a statement.

A woman of multiple talents and interests, Stacey has lived and created on the beautiful island of Maui for twenty years. She now spends time in N. Ca. as well! Her talents include Writer, Artist and Jewelry Designer. She also works as a professional Intuitive.
Stacey has been creating unique jewelry styles for over 20 years. She loves working with natural materials like gemstones and shells as well as ceramic and metal beads. Stacey has always had an interest in Native American styles (from her Cherokee linage) and has greatly admired the incredible jewelry of many ancient civilizations like Egypt & Rome. 

New for 2016 ~ Apocalyptic Fusion Designs! Fun alternative clothing for the rebel in everyone. Inspired by Mad Max and The Walking Dead. 

Our "Bohemian Goddess" collection includes
big chunky bracelets and beautiful necklaces made from
gemstone, ceramic and pewter beads!

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A few words from Stacey:
As an Artist my life has always been unconventional. The psychic work gave it an interesting twist and allowed me to study some fascinating things. I’ve been pushed to view life from a different perspective than most and to develop a unique sense of reality.

Creating jewelry is a driving force in my life. I absolutely, positively LOVE it! I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and I encourage everyone to follow the path that allows them to do so as well. Every day is a gift ~ so explore and expand your horizons.

I enjoy living the full spectrum of reality and sharing the limitless possibilities that exist through my jewelry, art and intuitive work.

  ~ The Wild Side ~ Leather Jewelry & Bags ~

Haley Adams and Kye Laing
modeling our Wild Side Leather Line!

Native Dreams Collection

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