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Medicine bags
Happy 2014
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Hot for Summer

It's heating up... 109 here in Nor Ca.!!!
I've been gearing up for more leather work and doing tons of Sea Glass jewelry for Maui... there's lot's of great Bohemian styles in all the latest Fashion mags and I'm loving it! Boho just never goes out of style ~ at least not for me!

Medicine bags

Wild Side Leather Medicine Bag

I love creating medicine bags.
I feel it honors my Cherokee heritage.
I put all sorts of "magical" things inside
and carry them with me when I travel.
It makes me feel safe somehow.
Beautiful smoke colored buckskin bag...
available at my Etsy shop ~ Goddesses Unlimited!

Happy 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

It's going to be a wonderful year! & I'm so looking forward to creating many new projects & styles...
From Jewelry to Leather Bags & Vests
As well as Art & Photography!
It's time to set some goals & have fun envisioning the things you'd like to do this year!
Happy Creating Everyone!

Creative Journey!

The creative Life is such a wonder journey...
There are endless possibilities and I am constantly inspired. Every day I get to create is a gift.
I love taking the photos almost as much as
creating the jewelry! Life is such a blast ~

Fall Leather Jewelry!

It's beautiful out ~ Fall is here! I've just created
some wonderful new leather wrapped crystal necklaces!
Check 'em out at my Etsy  shop!
They're perfect for layering and a great statement piece ~

Being Inspired!!!!

I Love creating jewelry! There's nothing like
waking up in the morning and being inspired...
Right now I'm working on some great new leather bracelets.
I'm doing custom Art cuffs and recycled belt cuffs.

We've got the Big Bike Weekend coming up in Redding Ca. and that's always fun! During the show I'll feature my Wild Side Leather jewelry and my Native Dreams Collection.

Go to our Etsy store and check out our latest styles!


Maui & Beyond!

My new Boho Cowrey necklaces are definitely "Island" style..and I hope my Maui customers love them!

But they also have a Native American feel. I think these are versatile pieces that one should try with a wide variety of outfits.

The most important thing when it comes to style is to have some fun with it!

Wild Side Leather Earrings

Wild Side Leather earrings are the perfect addition to your summer style! These beautiful earrings are lightweight and so fun to wear! Create wonderful combinations of color using the earrings as bold accents! They are available in many colors and styles.

Make a statement this spring!

If you want to make a statement try layering our bracelets! The look works with just about any outfit. Now that we're headed for spring try some bright colors to create a fabulous accent!

Wild Side Leather

Wild Side Leather Jewelry

It's getting cold outside and what goes better with yourwinter wardrobe than some unique leather jewelry? The necklaces are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The bracelets are bold statement pieces.

Try something new!
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